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Twilight: Little Human Things

Twilight Series
Little Human Things
1505/1902 words

Summary: On Bella's last day as a human, Rosalie insists she experience everything she won't be able to as a vampire. Available in PG and adult versions. NOT BREAKING DAWN COMPATIBLE.

PG versionCollapse )

Adult version, but nothing too badCollapse )


I’m finally going through my old stuff and putting it all here for ease of use, especially since my personal LJ is friends-locked. Here’s the first part of the dump, which will likely take a week or so to fully complete.

These are my four entries for the challenge com 1character. Each character gets fifty prompts, one sentence a piece. I have three or four unfinished sets saved on an older computer as well, which have never seen the light of day and which I may or may not post later.

All sets are rated PG-13/T. Numb3rs canon up to season 3; Bones canon up to ep 2.07; Enterprise still canon. At to Avatar, I don’t even know how far back we’d have to go for it to be canon. Oh well.

Numb3rs: Larry FleinhardtCollapse )

Avatar: SokkaCollapse )

Star Trek Enterprise: Charlie TuckerCollapse )

Bones: Zack AddyCollapse )
South Park
Forgetting to Come Home
Prompt #15, "Spring"
153 words
Approx Age: 15

Summary: Winter is for friends, but Spring is for lovers... which, much to Kyle's chagrin, he and Stan are not.

In the springtime Kyle walks home alone.Collapse )


A cluster of SUVs in my rear view mirror looks like an army of shining-eyed zombies in the rain.
South Park
The Final Plunge
Prompt #03, "The Final Plunge / Commitment"
PG (language)
472 words
Approx Age: 15

Summary: Stan's relationship with Wendy is getting more serious, and Kyle isn't happy.

'Dude, you didn't throw up on her. Just keep reminding yourself of that.'Collapse )

"dance fair Paris to the ground"

So maybe a man has a dream that his friend is going to kill herself, and he's had a dream about someone dying before and knew every detail and it happened, so he's afraid. And the next day when he tries to talk to her about this she tries to reason him out of it by asking what she was wearing in the dream, and she was wearing what she is now. And he gets so worried that he eventually bugs her until she opens up to him about everything and, in the end, is so miserable that she kills herself, but this will have to get very dark to work.


I don't know what happened to the rest of the world. Really, I don't know what happened anywhere outside of the Mid Atlantic. I had a friend once who suggested that Japan probably never noticed the difference. I didn't find it funny, but nevertheless laughed on and off about it for hours.


You don't want, or need, to know what happened. Suffice it to say that any aspect of society that you can now name has been suitably mutilated beyond recognition.

"Oh my darling, you tell me one definiton by which any of this is fair."

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