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the ash in your honey

3 July
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"black teacup for you and me/ I'll have the grape juice if you please/ I never did care for the wine"

(This is the writing journal for crushedmidnight.)

Current Challenges:
Kyle/Stan (South Park) at 30_tears

General Disclaimer
None of the characters in any entries tagged as "fanfic" are mine.
They belong to their creators, and I am not claiming otherwise by using them.
In no way do I intend copyright infringement, and I am making no money off this.
All characters engaging in sexual practices may be assumed to be at or above
the age of consent, even if their age is not explicitly stated.
Views expressed by characters do not necessarily reflect the views of the author.

General Claimer
All entries tagged as "not fanfic" are my intellectual property.
Please do not take them or claim them as your own.
If you would like to repost something, tell me first and give proper credit.

a teaspoon and an open mind (current doctor who/torchwood fanfic).
fanfiction.net (old general fanfic).
fanfiction.net (old house fanfic).
fictionpress.com (old poetry).